Kepno specialises in metal fabrication of all kinds, we don't discriminate. Whether you need machinery and infrastructure built for a quarry, or you need small fixtures and fittings, Kepno can accommodate. We love metal and we love using it to create, engineer and build. 

We love a good challenge, and see every potential customer as a way to learn and expand our knowledge and abilities. This is why we encourage anyone who is in need of metal fabricating expertise to contact us. We're flexible and have a large workshop to get the job done. Some of our fabrication expertise lies in...

  • Steel fabrication

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Aluminium fabrication

  • Welding

  • Industrial projects

  • Engineering solutions

  • Maintenance

Best of all, we use Australian materials where possible, and all our work is done right here in our North Plympton workshop in Adelaide. 

Contact Kepno today to find the best solution to your engineering and metal works needs. 

quarry infrastructure in rural south australia

Quarry infrastructure in rural South Australia.

metal fabrication adelaide

Cypress Pine Deck that we helped to steam press and curve the metal backing.